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Welcome to Cuba’s Best – your single source for everything that is simply the best in Cuba.  We focus on the best places to stay, the best things to eat, the best things to drink – and it’s all about Cuba.  So there’s the best transport to take, the best attractions to visit, the best tours to take.

We love Cuba and all things Cuban and hope you do too.

All About the Best of Cuba

If you’re new to Cuba then you might want to check some of our introductory content

The Essentials of Travelling to Cuba

At Cuba’s Best we cover everything you need to know to get the best from a trip to Cuba. Some of the key information that you need before your trip are:

Eat and Drink Your Way Around Cuba with Our Gastronomy Guides to Cuba

Want to learn more about the food and drink of Cuba? Our guides to cocktails, drinks, recipes and the best places to eat in Cuba are here.

Making it Easy to Explore Cuba’s Best

There has never been a better time to plan your trip to Cuba. And here at Cuba’s Best, we’re here to make that planning and exploration easy.   We’ve got content on the best attractions in Cuba, the best places to stay in Cuba and what you absolutely have to eat while you’re here in Cuba – plus where you buy it to enjoy it at home!

Unique Activities to Do in Cuba

Cuba is an amazing and unique place to visit. There is quite literally no place like it in the world. And that means there are some unique things that you can do.

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