How to Go from Havana Airport to Havana [+ Havana to Airport]

How to Go from Havana Airport to Havana [+ Havana to Airport]

Most visitors to Cuba arrive at Jose Marti international airport, aka Havana Airport and their biggest challenge is then finding their way to the city of Havana.  Cuba as you’ll come to know is a little different to other places around the world, so there’s no metro connected to the capital city, and there are no regular public buses.  You will however find a lot of people wanting to help you get from Havana airport to Havana.  For a fee of course.  But what fee I hear you say?  Keep reading for all the details of how to get to Havana from Havana airport.  This guide covers whether you’re going from Havana Airport to Havana or Havana to Havana Airport as you’ll need to know the best way to travel between these two locations. There are several options for transport between the airport and the city, but what’s the best way to go? And what are the options for traveling between Jose Marti airport and Cuba’s capital? Here’s our guide on how to get to Havana from Havana Airport.



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Havana Airport to Havana

This pre-bookable transfer from Havana Airport to Havana is the easiest way to travel this route. It gets great reviews, you can prepay it and relax.

Exactly How to Go from Havana Airport to Havana

In this guide on how to go from Havana Airport to Havana, we’ll cover the fastest way to travel from Havana Airport to Havana, the easiest way to go to the city from the airport, and also the cheapest way to make this journey, as well as the most iconic way to get to Havana from Havana Airport. Our guide to the top things to do in Havana is here.

5 Ways to Get from Havana Airport to Havana (and Back)

For transport from the airport to the city, then you have several options. You can take a bus from the airport to Havana, you can also take a shared shuttle service to Havana. You can take a taxi to Havana from Havana Airport, or you can make your trip special and take a classic car into the city. The final option on how to get to Havana from the airport is to rent a car and drive yourself there.

The quickest (and easiest) way to go to La Habana from the airport is to take a pre-arranged transfer.  If you don’t speak any Spanish or are concerned about your ability to negotiate, then this is the best option.  They’ll pick you (and your luggage) up from the airport at the pre-arranged time and drop you at your hotel or casa particular in Havana. You can book a private transfer to Havana from Havana Airport here.

There are no urban buses from Havana Airport and there is no train station or metro at Havana airport. 

1. Taxi from Havana Airport to Havana

Taking a pre-booked private taxi to Havana from the Airport is the fastest way to get into Havana.  There’s no haggling or negotiating outside the airport.  You’ll simply turn up, look for your name on a board and you’re off.  Check the rates here.

The benefits of a pre-booked transfer from Jose Marti Airport to the city are that you know exactly how much you are paying, you can prepay it on a credit card and you don’t have to speak any Spanish to organize it.   Taxi drivers here will speak a minimal amount of English, if at all. 

TOP TIP:  Write down the address of your hotel clearly and legibly.

Even better, you can prepay on a card, which reduces your need to carry more cash with you while traveling.  Easy.  (You’ll want to read my guide to Cuban Currency, cash, and all things Cuban money.)  Preferably before you get on the plane.

A pre-arranged taxi to Havana is the most comfortable way to travel. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to the city from the airport.  The time taken, of course, depends on whereabouts in Havana you’re staying.  If you have not decided on where to stay in Havana, then my guide to the areas of Havana in which to stay is here.

You can check prices for Havana Airport to Havana taxis here.

There are three ways of organizing a taxi to Havana from Havana Airport

  1.  You can pre-book a transfer from Havana Airport to Havana here and pay (safely) online ahead of time – with cancellation up to 24 hours before travel.
  2. You can ask your hotel or Casa Particular owner to book one for you. It will be *about* the same price as what you pay online, but you will need to pay in cash. US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, or Pounds Sterling will likely be accepted, but you should check.
  3. Turn up at the airport and negotiate with the drivers there for a price to your accommodation. There’s more further in this article about types of taxis at Jose Marti Airport.
  4. If you’re starting from Havana and going to Havana airport then you can find a taxi on the street near where you are staying and negotiate with them, this might be slightly cheaper than the other options. Or it might not. It depends on your negotiation skills.  If you’re anything like me this is the option that I’d find the hardest  – primarily because I have a plane to catch and I want a bit (who am I kidding, a LOT) more certainty on my transport!

2. The most iconic way to go from Havana Airport to Havana

The most iconic way to travel to Havana from the airport is to go in a classic Cuban car. You should be aware, however, that this will not be as comfortable as a modern car and it may not have air conditioning.

Check rates for a classic car transfer from Havana Airport to Havana here.

It may also take a little longer to travel the distance downtown as the speed of the car is likely to be a little slower.

You’ll also find that there are classic cars parked outside the airport arrivals.  They *might* be a little cheaper, and there’s no parking rank as such, but drivers will definitely approach you and ask if you want a taxi.  They will likely speak less English than the official yellow taxi cab drivers.

Classic car taxis are either in a lot worse condition than the yellow taxis, in which case the price is likely lower.  Or they’re in spectacularly refurbished condition and they’ll be more expensive.  We’ve traveled in both – and it’s worth trying to travel in both, just for the authentic Cuban experience.

3. Shared Shuttles from Havana Airport to Havana

You can book a shared taxi or shared shuttle from Havana Airport to Havana. The length of time this takes depends on where you’re all going to in Havana, but it won’t be much longer than a private transfer. The cost will also depend on how many are going. You can lock in a price for a shared transfer from Havana Airport to Havana here.

4. Bus from Havana Airport to Havana

The Viazul Bus is one of the best ways to get into the city.   However (and there are always “howevers” in Cuba), there are very few buses that go from the airport to the city. 

There are FIVE buses a day that go from Havana Airport to Havana, but there are ONLY TWO that pick up from the airport to go to Havana.  If you’re traveling on your own this is the cheapest way to get into Havana.  However, you should take a look at where the Viazul bus station is in Havana and decide if that’s for you or not (you can find this detail in our Viazul Bus guide here). Note that the Viazul booking process has changed slightly in 2024, with different payment options and you should read the guide for more details.

You can check the latest schedules for the Viazul Bus here.

You must also check in 1 hour in advance of your bus departure time to confirm your seat.  And you must have also bought your ticket before this time.  You can buy Viazul tickets online here, at their website. 

If you’re returning from the city to the Airport, then there are only TWO buses that run this route each day and you’ll need to get to the Havana bus station to catch it. It’snot exactly convenient.

The Viazul Bus Station in Havana is located at Calle 36 y Autopista de Havana

To make your life easier we’ve gathered the entire Viazul Bus Timetable and prices – and will send it to you in an easy-to-read format.  Click Here to get your copy.

It’s about 16 kilometers (10 miles) by road from Havana Airport to Havana and the bus is one of the easiest ways to do this journey.  It takes about 40 minutes to go from the airport to Havana by bus.  These buses are air-conditioned and you can book online here.  There is NO seat allocation, it is first come first served at the bus station when you board the bus.  It doesn’t matter what it says on your ticket.  Viazul Buses between Havana and the Airport cost 10 Euros for adults.

Check availability, prices, and book seats on buses from Havana Airport to Havana here.

5. Rent a Car and Drive from Havana Airport to Havana

You’re unlikely to be able to rent a car online for your visit to Cuba, but if you want the freedom of traveling when and where you want, then this is the most independent option.  Honestly, if you’re heading straight into Havana I wouldn’t bother, as you’ll need to find somewhere (safe) to park it and it’s really not worth the hassle.  You should note that you’ll be responsible for any damage to the car while you’re the renter and you always need to make sure it’s parked somewhere safe (and someone is looking after it).  I recommend you read our guide to Cuban Car rental here.

Safety & Security at Havana Airport

Recent Government advice about arriving at Havana Airport recommends that you ensure that the vehicle that you travel in is an official one and not a private vehicle.

The quickest way to get from Havana Airport to Havana

The time it will take you to get to the city from the airport depends on where you are staying in the city.  The quickest way is to take a direct transfer or taxi, it takes about 30 minutes to drive downtown to Havana, depending, of course, on where you are staying.  Viazul Buses take around 40 minutes, but they do NOT go to downtown Havana.  You can book a private transfer from Havana Airport to Havana here.

The easiest way to go to Havana from Havana Airport

The easiest way to get from the airport to Havana again depends on where you are staying in Havana.  It is easiest to get a door-to-door transfer, (you can check the rates here).

The cheapest way to go from Havana Airport to Havana

The cheapest way to get from the airport to Havana is to take the Viazul Bus – reserve your seats here.

The best way to go from Havana Airport to Havana

The best way, I think, to go from Havana Airport to Havana is to book a transfer.

FAQs on travel from Havana Airport to Havana

Got questions about going from Havana Airport to Havana? Or want to know more about how to go to Havana from the airport and we haven’t answered your questions?  Check out our frequently asked questions about transport between Jose Marti Airport and Havana below, or ask us yours in the comments.

How much does a taxi from Havana Airport to Havana cost?

You’ll pay around US$30 for a taxi from Havana Airport to Havana.  You should check with the driver if you’re negotiating at the airport what currencies they will accept.  The yellow taxis that you’ll find outside the airport are official state taxis managed by the Cuban Government.  They have official prices and the price depends upon the type of car that you take.  The journey from the airport to Havana is about 16km, so it falls into the lowest rates.  You’ll need to pay in CUP for these official taxis.  (read about arriving at the airport and ATMS and money change there in my guide here)

  • A regular car should cost 600 CUP
  • A minivan should cost 750 CUP
  • A classic car should cost 925 CUP

There’s no official price for private taxis, so use the guideline above of US$30 and negotiate.  It’s best to have the address of your casa particular or hotel written down in Spanish.  And agree on the rate in advance. Before you get in the car.  AND confirm what currency that rate is in.  AND confirm that the rate is for the entire car, not just one of you.  If you hear a rate that sounds like an amazing deal it won’t be. 

Where do I find a taxi at Havana Airport?

You’ll find taxis waiting outside Terminal 3 at Havana Airport.  This is where all international flights land.  You can’t miss them.

How much is the bus from Havana Airport to Havana?

The Viazul Bus to Havana from Havana Airport costs 10 Euros

Where does the Viazul Bus at Havana Airport leave from?

You’ll find the Viazul bus outside Terminal 3.  You can’t miss it. It doesn’t wait around there is usually a 10 minute turnaround from it arriving until it departs.

Is there Uber at Havana Airport?

No.  There’s no Uber in Cuba.

Is there a Train from Havana Airport to Havana

No.  There’s no viable train option when it comes to traveling from Havana Airport to Havana.  The closest train station to the airport is in Havana. 

These are the resources and booking sites that we use when traveling to Cuba.

Get a Cuba Travel and Medical Insurance Quote from Visitors Coverage here

Alternatively, Civitatis Insurance is a great option for the required insurance for Cuba.

You will need a Cuba Tourist Card to enter Cuba – some airlines include these, if yours doesn’t, buy one from EasyTouristCard – now valid for 90 days.

Book your Viazul Bus tickets here

Pre-book and prepay shared & private shuttles here

Book the best FREE Walking Tours in Cuba

Reserve attractions, day trips, and activities in Cuba here

Get online in Cuba EASILY with a Cuba eSIMread about Cuba ESIMS here, or buy a Cuba eSIM here.

Download and install a VPN BEFORE you travel to Cuba > discount coupon here

Book Accommodation in Cuba’s Casa Particular here

Popular Routes Around Cuba

Getting around Cuba is some of our most popular content here at Cuba’s Best, so here are some of the most traveled routes and your options for getting around.

Final Words on How to Go from Havana Airport to Havana

Going to Havana from Havana Airport is an easy trip to take.  If you arrive at the right time you can take the Viazul Bus, but remember there are only four a day in both directions. You will always find taxis at the airport and once you’re in Havana someone will always be able to find a taxi for you to go back to Havana Airport.  No matter how you choose to go from Havana Airport to Havana, sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip!

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