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Cuban Tourist Card – Cancun Airport Options & Experience

Entrance into Cuba requires the purchase of a Cuban Tourist Card. They’re valid for 90 days (as of 1 November 2022, it used to be 30 days). Here’s how to get a Cuban Tourist Visa in Cancun without being scammed.  It’s just one of the top things that you NEED to do before arriving in Cuba.  There is no Cuba tourist card on arrival scheme, so follow our instructions for how to get a tourist card for Cuba here.    We’ll cover briefly the types of Cuban Tourist Cards available and what the difference is between Green Cuban Tourist Cards and Pink Cuban Tourist cards.


General Information on Cuban Tourist Cards

All visitors to Cuba require a Cuban Tourist Card, including US citizens.   It is ONLY if you are travelling from *some* Middle Eastern or African countries (and have those nationalities) that you will need a Cuban Visa (which is DIFFERENT) from a Cuban Tourist Card. We have an entire in-depth article on How to Get a Cuban Tourist Card here.

However, the Cuban Tourist card is often referred to as a visa.  And there are also two different types (well colours) of tourist cards for Cuba.

How you obtain a Cuban Tourist Card depends on where you are entering Cuba from, we’ll cover the main places in this article.

You must retain unused portions of your TWO-PIECE Cuban Tourist Card until you leave the country.  You must also obtain a Cuban Tourist Card before you arrive in Cuba.  There is no tourist card or visa on arrival for Cuba. Our Cuban Travel Checklist details what else you need to do before you arrive in Cuba. Read more here, or sign up here and we’ll email you a copy of it along with other useful tips about travelling to Cuba.

Arriving in Havana airport is pretty different to other airport arrivals, so you’ll also want to check out our guide to arriving in Havana here. Plus, as the Cuban peso is a closed currency you can’t get currency before you arrive in Cuba – so read more about Cuban Currency in 2021 here.

Cuban Tourist Card Types

There are two types of Cuban Tourist Card.  They both require the same information and look the same, but are just different colours.  Green and Pink.

Green Cuban Tourist Cards

All travellers who are NOT travelling directly from the USA to Cuba require a green Cuban Tourist card (unless of course, you have a specific nationality that requires a Cuban Visa.) You can buy a Green Cuba Tourist card online here with Easy Tourist Card.

Pink Cuban Tourist Cards

You only need a pink Cuban Tourist Card if you are travelling directly to Cuba from the USA. Get a Pink Tourist Card Here.

What does a Cuban Tourist Card Look Like?

Here’s what a blank Cuba Tourist card application form looks like.  Note they’re in two parts.  Both are exactly the same.


If you want to check the price at any time – contact customer services at your airline – Interjet have a great online chat service.  If anything changes in the process for an Interjet Tourist Card Cuba they will be able to assist you in real-time.

How much is a Cuban Tourist Card?

The Cuba Tourist Card price depends on where you get it from, where you are travelling from and what passport you carry.  There are a host of “agencies” who will communicate with the Cuban Embassy for you and charge a small fee.  We recommend Easy Tourist Card for a quick and simple service

Cost of a Cuban Tourist Card at Cancun Airport

The Cuba Tourist Card cost at Cancun Airport is 250 Mexican Pesos.   (US$13.77, GBP10.88)

Cost of a Cuban Tourist Card online with worldwide delivery

Always read the guidelines from your government.  Consider signing up to their notification services in case anything changes.  This is the notification from the UK Government about Cuba entrance.

How Long does it Take to get a Cuban Visa?

If you’re applying for a Cuban Tourist Card at the airport in Cancun it takes a few minutes to get a Cuban Tourist Visa.  You give them your details, get the form, complete it and you’re done.  If you’re applying by mail in the UK, then you can expect to receive it back with a week to 10 days.  If you apply online then check the terms and conditions from the individual provider.

Where to Get a Tourist Card for Cuba

There are a large variety of places where you can get a Cuban Tourist Card. These include the Cuban embassy or consulate in your home country.  You can order Cuban tourist cards online here.

However, if you’re already in Mexico or flying via Cancun Airport, then picking up a tourist card for Cuba in Cancun airport is a cinch. But it’s not without the potential for paying over the odds. 

Here’s how to get a Cuban Tourist Card in Cancun Airport – and how to avoid the scams.

How to Get a Cuban Tourist Card at Cancun Airport

If you are flying to Cuba from Cancun Mexico, then you can buy your Cuban Tourist card from your airline.  You will need to provide details of your flight.  (You can’t fly with one airline and buy a Cuban tourist card from another airline).

Cuban Tourist Card Location at Cancun Airport

If you’re flying from Cancun to Cuba then you can get the Cuban Tourist Card at the customer services desk for your airline near check-in.   As we flew with Interjet, they suggested just getting the Interjet Cuba Visa from the airport.  Their process was simple.  Arrive at customer services, show them your ticket and passport, ask them for a card and then hand the cash over.

Buying your tourist card at the customer services desk means that you need to complete it yourself.  If you make ANY mistakes you need to buy a completely new one.

If you are flying with another airline and want to get your tourist card Cuba at Cancun Airport, then simply approach their customer services and follow the same procedure.

Scams with the Cuba Visa Cancun Airport

As you approach the lines to check-in you’ll also be approached by touts who will ask if you have a card.  They will start to complete one for you and then make up a price for the card, usually at least double.  While waiting in line we heard them give three different prices to three different travellers.

If you want to pay the CORRECT, standard rate, we advise you to head on over to the Interjet desk and get one from there.  You may have to join a short line, (ours had one person in it)  but you’ll save.

FAQs on Cuban Tourist Cards at Cancun Airport

Got questions about Cuban Tourist Cards at Cancun Airport? Or want to know more about Tourist Visas for Cuba from Cancun and we haven’t answered your questions?  Check out our frequently asked questions about Cancun Airport Cuban Tourist Cards below, or ask us yours in the comments.

Can you get a Cuba Tourist Card Online?

Yes. you can buy a Cuba Tourist Card online. We recommend Easy Tourist Card

Can you get a Cuban Tourist card on arrival?

No, it is not possible to get a Cuba Tourist Card on Arrival in Cuba. There are details here about what to expect on arrival in Cuba.

Is this in place of the DViajeros form?

No, the requirement to complete the DViajeros form is in addition to the Cuban Tourist card and you can find the link to it here.

What’s the Best Way for a Canadian Citizen to get a Cuban Tourist Card?

If you are Canadian and travelling from Canada then the best way to buy a Cuban Tourist Card is to buy it from your airline.

What’s the Best Way for a UK Citizen to get a Cuban Tourist Card?

The best way for a UK Citizen to get a Cuban Tourist Card is either from their airline or online.

What’s the Best Way for a US Citizen to get a Cuban Tourist Card?

The best way for a US Citizen to get a Cuban Tourist Card is either from their airline or online.

How long does a Travel Card Cuba last?

A Cuban Tourist card is initially valid for 90 days for UK, US, and Australian citizens.  Canadian citizens also get 90 days.

How to renew a Cuban Tourist Card

You may be able to renew your tourist card for a further 90 days. .  To do this you’re going to need patience, reasonable Spanish and to start the process with plenty of time.  You need to head to Immigration to do this.

What does a Cuban Tourist Card look like?


Travel Tips for Exploring Cuba

Final Words on Getting a Cuban Tourist Visa in Cancun Airport

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Cuba from Cancun, then the process of getting a Cuban tourist visa at Cancun airport is pretty simple, but it’s not without the hassles of a couple of scams.  We hope you’ve found this brief guide to getting a tourist card for Cuba from Cancun airport useful.

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