Cuba Itinerary Options

Great Cuba Itinerary Options

The challenge with putting together a Cuba itinerary is the travel between the locations that you want to visit.  It’s important here to measure the TIME between locations, not the distance.  And you’ll need to make sure that transport is available.   Our Cuba itineraries are designed to maximise the Viazul Bus Network, which is the primary transport method used by independent travelers to Cuba.  So here are a variety of itineraries for Cuba that will let you explore this island nation that is unique and very different in terms of travel to anywhere else you’ve ever been.


Whether you’re looking for a 7-day Cuba Itinerary or a 14-day Cuba itinerary, we’ve got you covered.  Our itineraries are unique, in that they take into account the Viazul Bus network and use the Viazul timetables to maximum efficiency for your visit. Our Viazul Bus Guide is here.

Great Cuba Itinerary Options

We’ve put together itineraries for Cuba that cover 7 days, 10 days, and 14 days and all these Cuban itineraries use the Viazul Bus. 

To make your life easier we’ve gathered the entire Viazul Bus Timetable and prices – and will send it to you in an easy-to-read format.  Click Here to get your copy.

But we’ve taken it a step further and given you a series of different itineraries based on your interests.  So you’ll find

Cubas best beaches varadero beach
  • 7 day Cuba Itinerary – Beaches and Natural Cuba
  • 7 day Cuba Itinerary – Colonial Cuba Itinerary
  • 7 day Cuba Itinerary – Revolutionary Cuba
  • 10 day Cuba Itinerary – Cuban Highlights Itinerary
  • 14 day Cuba Itinerary – Whole Island Explorer
  • 14 day Cuba Itinerary – Main Sights and Beach Time

Great Havana Itinerary Options

But there’s more.  As all our itineraries start and finish in Havana we’ve also included a series of Havana Itineraries

Old Havana

Cuba Itineraries using the Viazul Bus

In each of our itineraries, we recommend taking the Viazul Bus – and (unfortunately, there are a couple of routes that don’t currently have a bus, and rather than return to Havana just to leave again, we’ve recommended the shorter colectivo routes to ensure you’re covered).

Stay Local on your Cuba Itinerary

Cuba is unique in the way in which locally provided accommodation is generally better than hotels, and we highly recommend staying in Casa Particulars during your visit to Cuba.  And so for each of our itineraries, we’ve recommended Casa Particulars in which to stay.  Book your Casa Particular ahead of time, pay for it, and remove the requirement to find places to stay, pay for them, and all the hassle that entails with carrying cash, or needing cards that work in Cuban ATMs.

We recommend using Homestay to book your Casa Particular accommodation in Cuba, specifically because they do not levy a fee on the Cuban homeowner, meaning that more of your money goes directly to the Cuban people.

For each of our itineraries, we include recommended accommodation that puts you at the heart of the action.

Sometimes, though, it doesn’t make sense to move on every day.  And there are some routes where the Viazul Bus network just doesn’t make sense, so we’ve included in the itineraries where it’s best to take a day trip – unless you specifically want to spend a good amount of time in a location.   Vinales is such an example. And there are some great day trips you can take in Cuba.

What You Need to Plan a Cuba Itinerary

You can see our full guide to the Viazul Bus Network in this post here.  And there’s a full copy of the Viazul timetable (and prices of the buses) that I’ll send you if you sign up here

You’ll also want to read our guide to Casa Particulars, which explains all the ins and outs of staying in this unique form of accommodation.

Of course, the Viazul Bus isn’t the only way to travel around Cuba.   We’ve covered Cuban Rental Cars in our guide to renting a car in Cuba here.  And then there are trains (sometimes), so our guide to Cuban trains is here.  And for all other forms of Cuban transport, you’ll want to head over here.

No matter how long you’re heading to Cuba you’ll want to read about the internet in Cuba (our guide is here), but you should also consider ordering a Cuban Tourist SIM card for collection at the airport, just to make everything a whole lot easier.

Best VPN for Cuba Advert ExpressVPN

I’ve mentioned pre-booking and prepaying for accommodation.  That’s because once you get into the local community, you’ll find that cash is king in Cuba, so make sure you read our guide to Cuban currency here.

Inspiration for your Cuba Itinerary

For inspiration and full details of what you should see and do in each of the areas, towns, and cities of Cuba, there’s an individual guide and you can see these below.

Starting with Iconic things to do in Cuba

So what else do you need when you’re putting together a Cuban itinerary?  You’ll need a Cuban Tourist card to get into the country, and also medical insurance too.    I also don’t recommend traveling without a VPN for Cuba (and here’s why). 

Traveling to Cuba is an experience in itself.  The country has a unique history and a combination of colonial history and communist politics have shaped a nation that is very, very different.  The way of life here is unique.  It’s much harder to organize things on the fly, and almost impossible to do it quickly when you’re here.    And that’s why you’ll find our guide to Cuban Cocktails absolutely imperative.


These are the resources and booking sites that we use when traveling to Cuba.

Travel and Health Insurance are mandatory for entry to Cuba.

Get a Cuba Travel and Medical Insurance Quote from Visitors Coverage here

Alternatively, Civitatis Insurance is a great option for the required insurance for Cuba.

You will need a Cuba Tourist Card to enter Cuba – some airlines include these, if yours doesn’t, buy one from EasyTouristCard – now valid for 90 days.

Book your Viazul Bus tickets here

Pre-book and prepay shared & private shuttles here

Book the best FREE Walking Tours in Cuba

Reserve attractions, day trips, and activities in Cuba here

Download and install a VPN BEFORE you travel to Cuba > discount coupon here

Book Accommodation in Cuba’s Casa Particular here

Pack these Items – you’re unlikely to find them in Cuba

A filter water bottle

Hand Sanitiser


Mosquito Repellent

Travel / Power Adapter

First Aid Kit

Final Words on a Great Cuba Itinerary

We hope that this series of itineraries for Cuba help you with putting together a great trip to Cuba.  There are some fabulous places to visit here, and while sometimes you might find planning a trip to Cuba a little frustrating, and time-consuming, once you work out the key things that you want to see in Cuba and the Cuban places you’ll want to visit, then it’s just a matter of going ahead and booking it!  Good luck!

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