Cuba in August

Visiting Cuba in August:  Events, Activities, and Weather

August in Cuba is the hottest and wettest month of the year.  It is very humid, due in part to the heavy afternoon rains that you can expect.  It is, however, still school holidays in Cuba until the end of the month so it’s a popular time for domestic tourists to explore.  However, the warm sea temperatures mean that Cuba in August is popular for snorkelers and divers.  Here’s what to expect and what there is to do in Cuba in August.


As the rains in August usually come to Cuba in the afternoon, most visitors will explore and take trips in the morning and then find time for a siesta as the rains come.  With school vacations in Europe and Cuba, you’ll find a good mix of international and domestic visitors here, and prices are relatively high, although they will drop towards the end of the month.  With high daytime temperatures, heading to the beach is a popular activity. Here’s what to do in Cuba in August.

The Weather in August in Cuba

The weather in Cuba in August, is hot, hot, hot.  It’s also wet, but rain tends to come in the afternoon, so it’s an incentive to get up and explore in the mornings and sit out, or siesta during the rains.  The coolest place will be the north coast of Cuba, with the trade winds blowing and the hottest is Santiago de Cuba. 

With the rains come the mosquitos, so come prepared with light clothes, a mosquito net (in case of power outages, when the A/C will NOT work), and of course bug spray.


Best Bug Spray For Cuba

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It is hurricane season in August in Cuba and while you’re likely to see a Tropical Storm in Cuba in August, the winds usually only reach hurricane strength every three years.  Hurricane Laura (August 23-24 2022) swept through Cuba as a Tropical Storm, but in 2022, Hurricane Ian, was a category 5 Hurricane that made landfall in western Cuba, but not until September 27th, 2022.

Temperatures in Cuba in August

You’ll usually find temperatures averaging 27 Celsius (81 Fahrenheit), but hitting a high of 32 Celsius (90 Fahrenheit), although humidity does sit at 80% in Cuba in August. Night-time temperatures drop to around 22 Celsius (72 Fahrenheit), which means that households tend to move outside on a night and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

August in Cuba is when you’ll see the highest sea temperatures, it’s like taking a warm bath some days!

Rainfall in Cuba in August

There is average rainfall in August in Cuba of 70 mm (3 inches), and you can expect rain in the afternoon.

Things to do in Cuba in August

August in Cuba is a great time to head to the beach and for watersports in that bath-like water.  You’ll also find festivals happening across the island If you’re in Havana, then you’ll find the carnival and then heading to the Playas del Este is a good option, but the beaches on the north coast will have more of a breeze. Varadero is always a good option during August.

If you’re looking for cheaper places to visit then head inland (as most tourists will be heading to the beach).

What is there to see in Cuba in August?

Here’s what you should look to do if you’re visiting Cuba in August.

Cuba’s beaches are popular during August with both domestic and international tourists – and of course, Varadero is the country’s number one beach resort and there’s lots to do there, even during the afternoon rainy times.  If you want somewhere a little cooler during Cuba’s hot month, then head to one of Cayo’s where you’ll get more breeze.

What is there to do in Cuba in August?

All the top things that you’ll want to do in Cuba tend to be open year-round (public holidays and hurricanes aside).  But you’ll want to pre-book both your transport and any tours that you want to take to ensure they’re available to you.  If you’re planning on staying in Havana or any of the coastal towns or cities be sure to book your accommodation in advance too.

From Havana, Las Terrazas and Soroa are perfect places to escape the heat (and busyness) of the city

Head to the Cienaga de Zapata on the south coast, for a totally different Cuban National Park experience.

If you head to the UNESCO World Heritage Vinales Valley, then don’t miss heading out to Cayo Levisa too.

Arrange trips and visits from Varadero – perhaps to Cayo Blanco

Go Scuba Diving – the top places to dive in Cuba are the Jardines del Reina, Cayo Largo, Maria la Gorda, and Playa Giron.

Events in Cuba in August

You’ll find a few festivals happening in Cuba in August – so if you’re planning on visiting the cities and towns mentioned make sure you book transport and accommodation ahead of time.  These are the events in August in Cuba

Havana Carnival – it’s not as big or potentially wild as the Santiago de Cuba carnival, which takes place in Cuba in July, but if you’re in Havana in July you shouldn’t miss it.  The carnival occurs along the Malécon in Havana with dancing, music, costumes, and fireworks, but the celebrations also happen on the other streets of the city.  The highlight of Havana’s carnival is the huge, elaborate masks worn by some dancers, they’re known as muñecones.

Havana Hip-Hop Festival – usually scheduled for the 2nd week of August, this is an international program with graffiti exhibitions, films, and dance.

Holguin Carnival – usually held in the third week of August

Why visit Cuba in August?

Visiting Cuba during August coincides with many school holidays around the world, and it’s a good time to come and chill out on beaches.  And while this is the wettest month, you’ll likely only get rain in the afternoons.  Add the warm sea temperatures and you have the best conditions for water sports and more beach time.

Is it busy in Cuba in August?

Yes, you’re right in the middle of the school holiday season for Cuba and for international visitors.  However, it’s the beaches and coastal towns that are likely to be busier, so if you’re planning to go inland it is likely to be quieter.

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Final Words on Visiting Cuba in August

Cuba in August is hot and humid.  It’s definitely the time to travel if you like early starts – get up in the morning, go out and explore, and then find somewhere to chill out when the rains come. Beaches tend to be busy, as well as accommodations that are close to the coast.

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