Convertible Classic Car Tour Havana

Classic Car Tour Havana [BEST Havana Old Car Tours]

It’s an iconic way to see an iconic city.  Taking a Convertible Classic Car Tour in Havana is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list item  So, of course, we did it.  You can take tours in Classic Car in Cuba, but for us, Havana was the main attraction.  There are regular hardtop classic cars and also convertible classic cars in Cuba, you simply need to select which one you want to be taken around in. Vintage car tours in Havana are simply one of the most iconic ways to see the city of Havana.  The best place to take Cuba classic car tours throughout Cuba, but the best place to take Cuban car tours is in Havana.  The cars here in Havana tend to be better maintained (there is more money and there are more tourists here than in other parts of Cuba).



“Absolutely fantastic…wonderful experience”


Where to Find Classic Car Tours in Havana

We found our car on the Avenida de la Misiones outside the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.   You will find classic cars available for Havana vintage car tours in this area and also around the main square.  You can also book Havana classic car tours online (check here for prices ) or you can usually book Havana tours in old cars with your casa particular owner.

In total, we spent around 90 minutes and do a drive-by of all the main sites.

If you want to pre-book your Havana classic car tour – then it’s simple (and you can pay online with your credit card and not have to worry about finding another ATM and more cash!) – Here’s our recommendation on booking a classic car tour in Havana.

Classic Car Tour Havana Route

Most of the Classic Car tours in Havana follow a similar route – here is it on a map.

classic car tour havana map

We set off towards the Capitol Building.

Taking a classic car tour of Havana is one of the iconic things to do in Cuba – check out our other recommendations here.

What to See on a Classic Car Tour of Havana

When you book a classic car tour in Havana you’ll want to ensure that you see the major sites that you’re interested in.  You likely won’t stop at them, save that for later, just enjoy the drive around the city.  We’ve included a Classic car tour of Havana in our 24 hours in Havana itinerary, which you can read here. Here are the main sites to see on a Havana Classic Car Tour.

Capitolio Nacional, Havana – the Capitol Building

The first stop on our Havana vintage car tour is simply a drive-by.  The Capitol Building was closed for renovations while we were in Cuba, so drive-bys like this are all that we can manage.  Building work began in 1926, it took 5000 workers three years to build.  The Cuban Congress resided here until 1959, since then it’s been the home of the Cuban Academy of Sciences. The Capitol building in Havana is now open.

Havana Capitol Building

Hotel Saratoga Havana

Almost directly opposite is the Hotel Saratoga.  You can make it your residence for a while too – Push the boat out with unlimited luxury and lifestyles of the rich and famous, their website is here.

Hotel Saratoga Havana

We drive past, but don’t stop at Cementario Colon and come to our first stop on the Havana Convertible Tour – Revolution Square.

Plaza de La Revolucion – Revolution Square, Havana

The Plaza de la Revolucion is a major stop for all Havana old car tours.  It is famous for the monument to the father of Cuban Independence, Jose Marti and the murals of Che Guevara and Camil Cienfuegos. Visiting Havana’s Revolution Square is one of the best things to do in Havana, make sure you don’t miss it!

Revolucion Square Havana

The square was named Plaza Civica until the 1959 Revolution, today it’s where mass rallies are held.  It certainly looks different a few days later when we arrive as part of the May Day Parade – that’s right on 1st May, it’s Workers Day in Cuba and we joined in the parade.

John Lennon Park, Havana

Huh?  Yep, that’s what we thought too.  We’re in the neighbourhood of Vedado now and our next stop is John Lennon Park.  There’s the Yellow Submarine Club on the corner of the park.  We find John, or at least a statue of him, sitting on a bench in the middle of the park.

John Lennon Park Havana

The statue was unveiled on 8th December 2000, on the 20th anniversary of Lennon’s murder.  If the statue looks a little strange it’s because the signature round glasses are missing.  Stolen perhaps.   Still, it adds to the bizarreness of the park.

As Beatlemania swept the world, Cuba banned the Fab Four.  Castro held the ban in place until 1964, declaring that they were the epitome of vulgar consumerism.  In December 2000, he unveiled the statue, having reimaged Lennon as a political dissident who was dedicated to freeing the working classes.

“What makes him great in my eyes is his thinking, his ideas,” said Castro. “I share his dreams completely. I too am a dreamer who has seen his dreams turn into reality.”

Hotel Nacional, Havana

Our next drive-by is the famous Hotel Nacional – where a mojito on the terrace at sunset is the thing to do. It’s iconic, THE place for a sundowner Mojito, in lazy, laid-back Vedado > It also has some pretty fancy rooms too – check out prices and availability now.

It’s not just mojitos that are iconic in Cuba – check out these 4 Cuban cocktails that tell them some of the tales of Cuban history.

Hotel Nacional Havana

Driving the Malecon on a Classic Car Tour in Havana

Havana’s promenade is the famous Malecon.  Hitting the Malecon is absolutely one of the best things to do in Havana.  Whether it’s promenading along with people and classic car watching, this is the place to be at sunset.  We take a drive along, considering how spectacular the buildings could be here if they were not falling to pieces.

Classic Car Tour Malecon Havana

Still, the sunset is pretty amazing.

And there is something just so Cuban about watching the light play on the buildings as the classic cars drive past.

Havana Car Tour Prices

Classic car Havana tour prices will depend on where you want to go and what type of car you want to travel in.  It will also depend on whether you prebook, and how good your negotiating skills are.  On the street, you can pay around US$30 for an hour-long tour.  We paid US$40 – that’s US$10 per person to take a Cuban Classic Car Tour of Havana for four of us.

The Havana Vintage car tour price can be a lot cheaper if you’re prepared to go in one of the older taxis, or if you want a shorter ride. We negotiated on the street for a ride, but You can check out prices of classic car tours here – and book one with a delicious Cuban Cocktail at the end too!

FAQs on Cuba Classic Car Tours

Got questions about classic car tours in Cuba? Or want to know more about Cuban Classic Car Tours and we haven’t answered your questions?  Check out our frequently asked questions about taking a classic car tour in Havana and beyond below, or ask us yours in the comments.

Can I drive a classic car in Cuba?

No.  It is unlikely that you will be allowed to drive one of the classic cars in Cuba.  You will not be insured and the owner is unlikely to allow it.  It is probably his major source of income and jeopardising that is not something that they are likely to do.

Can I take a tour in Cuban convertible cars?

Yes.  Absolutely, many of the Cuban classic cars available for old car tours in Cuba are convertible.

How much are Cuban Car tours?

The cost of a Cuban car tour will depend on your negotiating skills, the route you wish to take and whether you have pre-booked it.  We recommend pre-booking to be certain of the route, car and cost of your tour.  Check here for the Havana Classic car tour cost.

Are all Cuba Car Tours the same?

No. You can include wine tasting, a trip to Vinales, a trip to Varadero, a trip to the beach.  It is very easy to end up with a completely bespoke Cuban classic car tour.


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A filter water bottle

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Final Words on Cuba’s Classic Car Tours Havana

I simply couldn’t have contemplated visiting Cuba and not taking a classic car tour.  It was high on my Cuba bucket list.  The love, attention and sheer ingenuity that the owners of these cars have poured into them comes across and it is a great way to see Cuba’s capital city and beyond.  So be sure to get this on your list of things to do in Cuba, because, believe me, a classic car tour in Cuba is fabulous.

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